How did the bull market end in 2007? What are the reason from 6124, more specific.

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    06.07, the stock market increased, and the stock market plummeted in 2008.
    First of all, we must understand the stock market. The stock market is a fund -promoting market. Some people continue to buy stocks at high prices, so that they will rise all the way, and the water rises high, so a lot of funds are needed to operate. Then we look at time event.
    0607's bull market is called 998 bull market, and the lowest point before the bull market is 998. Some people say that breaking 1000 produces a bull market, which is completely unreasonable. Before 2005, the big bear market was caused by announcing that state -owned shares were reduced, and everyone fled. At about May 2005, the state has a policy that allows insurance funds to buy and sell stocks in the secondary market, which contains social security funds. Then it took 1 year to prepare? In fact, it is building a warehouse. Why buy enough, because of the reform of the stock, the reform of the equity separation. This behavior became a fuse, which quickly triggered the market, and then the funds were constantly sought after, causing a 2 -year bull market. After the stock reform information is issued, QFII is agreed to enter the Chinese stock market. Many people think that the foreigners have copied the bottom of China. In fact, it is wrong. When QFII takes a long time from approval to buying stocks, it is a bull market when they enter the market. Who has copied the bottom? Very clear social security fund. In fact, this round of bull market was almost over on May 30, 2007.
    Prior to 530 ~ Monetal policy has already seen a major turning point, and the state has begun to increase the deposit reserve ratio. The 530 is a bear market fuse, a clear signal. Why is the market rising after 530? Because you want to withdraw. Because the dealer has not completely withdrawn, including the Social Security Fund. The social security fund began to reduce positions near 530.
    530 The most vocabulary is 28 and P / E ratio. Why? 1 Pull up a large market stock, causing a good illusion that the market is very good. 2 Lectures on the price -earnings ratio allowed everyone to buy large -cap stocks. At that time, the price -earnings ratio was very low. So retail investors were fooled in at that time, and then set deep. As the reserve ratio is further emptied, the phenomenon of insufficient market funds is getting worse, and then it has begun to fall.
    I personally understand that the bull market was not the foam made by the economic development itself that year. As a result, it was a thousand miles.
    Mad retail investors to classes cut meat

  2. The fundamental reason is that the long -term increase, the stock market valuation is too high, which is out of the fund's fundamental aspect; the reason for the direct stimulation is to increase the stamp duty.
    In the stock market, bull markets and bear markets refer to the continuous rise and decline of stocks.
    The bull market is also called a long market, which means that the market is bullish and durates for a long time.
    The bear market usually refers to the market that is generally diluted and stumbled. It is also known as the short market.
    Probably know the concept of bulls and bears. Many people will be curious. Is the current market a bear market or a bull market?
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    1. How to distinguish between the bear market and a bull market?
    If you want to know whether it is a bear market or a bull market. What you see is these two points, one is the basis, and the other is technical.
    First of all, we can judge the market through the fundamental aspects. Usually, the fundamentals are judged through the operating trend of the macroeconomic and the operation of listed companies. Table] First -hand information reporting of the financial market
    Secondly, from the perspective of technology, the combination of cleaning rates, quantity ratio and commissioning, etc. can be included in our reference scope to study Market.
    . If it is currently a bull market, there are far more people who buy stocks than those who sell stocks, then the rise of the K -line chart of many stocks is more obvious. Conversely, if it is a bear market at this moment, the people who buy stocks are far lower than those who sell stocks, then the decline of the most of the K insurance map of most individual stocks will increase.

    . How to judge the turning point of the bulls and bears?
    It if the bull market is about to end, it is likely that when the stock heights are over, and when the bear market is about to end, it is the best time to earn a lot of earnings.
    So, as long as we can catch the turning point of the bear cattle, we may buy it at a relatively low price. When the price is relatively high, we will make the difference when we earn! There are many ways to infer the turning point of the beef bear. It is recommended to use the following turning point to capture artifacts, one-click to obtain the time to buy and sell: [AI auxiliary decision-making] Capture of the sale and sale

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  3. The fundamental reason is that the long -term increase of the stock market is too high to be separated from the fundamentals of the enterprise
    Plinking the reason for the stamp duty

  4. Bull Market, also known as a bull market, refers to the securities market with a long -term rise in prices. The general trend of price changes is to rise, characterized by a small rise. The overall operating trend of the polyline market is upward. Although there are declines, it is higher than a wave. Buyers are more than those who sell them, and they are more than confession. The popularity is constantly gathered. Investors are willing to chase high, the number of new account opening is increasing, and new funds continue to flow in. Investors should try to avoid frequent operations in the polyline market, and share shares.
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