How to look at the jewelry raffle routine exposed by the 315 party?

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  1. It is not that the jewelry seller is too cunning, but that our consumers are too greedy and are flickered again and again.
    During the trip last year, my family and I experienced such a farce. The tour guide in the group took us to a jewelry mall near the tourist attraction, which contains a variety of jewelry and jade. Facing the dazzling jade jewelry, the tour guide touched us if we fancy the jewelry, we seized the opportunity to buy. So we came to a jewelry counter to stop and choose. Seeing us at the jewelry counter, we smiled to us with a smile: "We are doing a prize promotional activity. Everyone can draw a lot of vouchers. If you scrape the prize, the product can buy at a very low price to buy a very low price. Oh. "As soon as the words fell, she took out a lottery box to signal our lottery. When we found 5 award tickets, he congratulated us with high congratulations: "Oh my god, beauty, you are lucky, you can get our special prizes, you can choose a product discount of 2,000 yuan!" In the winning voucher, we really thought that we had encountered a good thing in the sky, but after a closer look at the products on the booth, we felt disappointed. All the commodities on the counter are above 2,000 yuan. Even if we choose the cheapest one, we need to make up the difference of more than 500 yuan. We feel that the facts are not as cost -effective as the salesperson said, so after discussing it with my family, I did not leave the counter after buying. After seeing the video exposed by the 315 party yesterday, we suddenly realized. Fortunately, they did not easily believe in the scam of winning the prize at the time, and then escaped. Those jade jewelry, which looks exquisitely packaged, is actually poor in quality. Hotan jade is the lowest level. The gold foil attached to the surface is only a thin layer, and most of them are filled with transparent and colorless glue. Such commodity craftsmanship is low, the value is low, and it is not worth hundreds of yuan at all. The wholesale price only costs tens of yuan. Driven by the high interests, the jewelry seller has taken the risk and used a lottery, gifts such as a lottery, and gifts such as gifts to induce consumers to hook. If you want to have a rest assured consumer environment, you not only need to strengthen the supervision of the market department, but also our consumers cannot be too greedy. We must increase their vigilance, polish our eyes, know the scam, and do not give the malicious sales scam to take advantage of the opportunity.

  2. As the saying goes, since ancient times, it can't be kept affectionate. The raffle routine of the jewelry counter can be described as a way to cheat since ancient times, and it is also the psychology of the people's greed for cheapness. So why are there so many people who have been deceived? According to personal observations, although the principle of scammers' fraud is simple, the details routine is not so simple. After understanding, we will pay more attention when facing it, and actively find remedial measures after being deceived.
    The scenes of cheating are often large shopping malls, supermarkets, and tourist attractions. Places with particularly dense traffic. Such audiences are widely alert in the crowd. These clerks will carefully observe the crowds and look at people. The elderly and young women who visit the mall supermarkets separately are their main goals.
    Is after the clerk determines the goal, he will enthusiastically invites the deception to participate in the lottery. When the lottery will deliberately ask for the shopping mall supermarket's shopping ticket, deliberately let people associate the event with the shopping mall supermarket to reduce questioning. Some counters will send low -priced gifts such as ear spoons and scissors to seduce before the counter. In short, the deception is interested in their activities.
    In front of the free lottery, many customers will report to the psychological participation of non -white and no psychology, and as a result, they can win a prize of one percent of the probability of one percent. The clerk will also make unbelievable and enviable expressions according to the routine. Congratulations to customers. In short, they coax people in the clouds and believe that they really have won the Grand Games.
    Finally, in order to make customers willingly pay for the so -called "winning product", they will set up a surprise, 5,000 yuan necklace bracelet 500 can be taken away, and a bunch of pattern of appraisal certificates allows customers convince. Under some flickering, customers are very likely to buy prizes with a real price of only dozens of yuan.
    It what should I do if you or your family encounters such jewelry scams. Keep calm first, don't blame your family too much, collect the evidence as much as possible, and go back to find the counter to confront it. See if there is an invoice or receipt, or even the counter signage on the packaging bag. If not, you can retrieve the monitoring of the mall and supermarket for verification. When confronting the scammers, loud theory should not weaken the momentum. Generally, the scammers see the crowd of watching. If it cannot be resolved, complain to the supermarket supervisor of the mall, and meet the clerk to deceive other customers to come forward to stop it. Of course, it is necessary to ensure their personal safety. Finally, contact the local business administration department for reports to completely cut off the lag of scammers. In short, letting the deception is ever -changing, as long as you keep in mind the principle of being greedy and cheap, there is no free lunch in the world, and you will not be fooled easily. Be sure to buy jewelery, and you must also be accompanied by friends who know how to accompany them.

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