How to make live scripts

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  1. As shown in the figure.
    Live scripts can generally be divided into single -product live scripts and live broadcast scripts. Single -product script, as the name suggests, is a script for a single product. Based on a single commodity, standardize the commentary of the product, and highlight the selling point of the product. Because a live broadcast usually lasts 2 to 6 hours. Most live broadcasts are recommended for multiple products. Each product customizes a simple single product live script. In the form of a table, the selling point and preferential activities of the product are clearly marked. It can prevent the anchor from being busy when introducing the product and confusing.
    The high -quality live script is to arrange the live broadcast time, place, product explanation and order order, live drawing, etc. in advance.
    When the live broadcast is re -inventory, the advantages and disadvantages of each link will be more targeted:
    1. Sort out the live broadcast process.
    The most taboo is to consider the content and activities of the live broadcast before the broadcast, especially some shops live the activities of the shop directly to the anchor. In addition, if the anchor did not preview the live content and products of the day in advance, then the live broadcast eventually presented the embarrassing broadcast and embarrassing chat. Therefore, the first thing that can be solved is to sort out the live broadcast process to make the content of the live broadcast methodical.
    2. Manage anchor speech.
    has a script, which can be very convenient to guide the anchor's action behavior every minute, so that the anchor clearly knows what to do at a certain time, and what else does it. In addition, you can use the anchor to convey more more More content. It can help anchors and teams in all aspects to control the entire live broadcast process and effectively face emergencies.
    3, easy summary.
    The summary will be an important job to face after each anchor is broadcast, and this job requires the continuous summary of the data in the background manager, which involves the cooperation of the team. Summarize the experience of each live broadcast to know the advantages and disadvantages of itself more clearly, and make better preparations for the later live broadcast. Therefore, there must be an anchor and operation for live broadcasts. It is not that the anchor is broadcast, and the operation can be good. A good live operating team is equally important.

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