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  1. Sina Weibo promotion plan (1)
    . Good use of attention
    on the Sina collar, every time you follow others, others will receive the news. Friends. There is a way to interact for a long time.
    . Wind borrowing fire
    What is the hottest of the Internet industry these days? "Li Kaifu departed." Li Kaifu is a loyal user of Weibo. On September 4th, Lao Li posted many essays. It is estimated that the mood was a bit excited. I have added F5 after adding his attention. Good people, basically do not delete the reply, of course, we ca n’t be blind, we also show the affection. Many friends pay attention to Li Kaifu, and add me to pay attention by the way, so that friends will increase.
    . It is necessary to earn a lot of words
    has a benefit of Weibo. If you say a word, it will appear in the pages of n friends. Baidu also gives these pages that are quite good to include frequency, bring you on your page, bring you on you There are naturally many friends to pay attention to the website and products. What you want to write in detail, the URL will be turned into a short address by Sina, which is actually more convenient for us to promote it. I wrote it myself. I won't write it here.
    4. Opening topics
    The function is inserted into the topic. After insertion, you can initiate a discussion version of the same thing. If the topic is inserted well, it will cause a lot of discussions.
    . Sending invitations
    Sina Weibo has not yet opened up registration. You can send emails to friends and invite them to open Sina Weibo.
    has 30 fans to invite friends.
    In the first promotion of Weibo, it can be explained that Weibo, friends are mostly king!
    So friends want Sina Weibo invitation code, please send me the mailbox.
    6. Manufacturing essence
    Healthy text, health care text, the chance of being reprinted on Weibo is high, and it can do more for others.
    7. Synchronous blog
    quietly told you that Weibo only needs the blog address to synchronize the articles of other people's blogs, without account review, so if you register a lot of Weibo, you can immediately enrich the article. How to use it, everyone wants it.
    Sina Weibo promotion plan (2)
    . Market analysis of Weibo marketing
    1. The advantages of Weibo and purpose n and traditional marketing methods, Weibo marketing The cost is particularly low, and only more than 100 words in a blog post. The biggest feature of online marketing is that it blooms everywhere, and the spread point is everywhere, and Weibo has this advantage. At the same time, Weibo marketing is easy to get started. It is not limited by time and space. As long as you can access the Internet, you can post Weibo anytime, anywhere. The biggest purpose of being the official Weibo of the hospital is to enhance the competitiveness of the hospital's brand.
    2. The hospital related content suitable for the hospital
    The hospital related to the hospital, experts, technology, equipment, honor, public welfare, etc., all belong to the hospital -related. Throughout Weibo forwarding higher information, it is not difficult to get it. This kind of information has a commonality. That is closely related to life. Whether it is a classic small segment, humorous pictures, or other popular events.
    is actually closely related to people's lives. Therefore, the information updated by our Weibo every day needs to meet two standards.
    (1) It is closely related to our lives, or information is readable for some people;
    (2) related to the hospital. The purpose of our Weibo marketing is to serve the hospital. So, therefore, Weibo should be related to the hospital in terms of registration information and data.
    (4) The content specification of Weibo can update different content. Such as: hospital popular science common sense activity;
    (5) Official Weibo can hold regular activities and choose to choose from;
    (6) official Weibo should appear in every corner of the hospital's official website;
    (7) Use the related applications of Weibo, such as: micro group, micro -activity, and micro -public welfare;
    妙 ​​uses the functions of Sina in some activities to use the Hall of Fame. Popular topics seduce your blog posts
    (8) The main points of success: interaction personality professional persistence;
    . Hospital packaging expert Weibo
    Expert Weibo, not repeated every day every day Do simple things, just find some articles every day to update. To get closer to Weibo users, how to transform users. Although Weibo is our tool, as an expert's Weibo, we need to treat ourselves as a real expert. To ask any fans to ask questions or forwarding, we need to answer the user's questions from a professional perspective and care about it from the subtle point. It is recommended to use it on the review and reply
    . The entry point of Weibo marketing promotion
    The primary problem of marketing is to solve the user's psychological alert, so that potential consumers believe in the hospital's products and services, and Weibo can be able to Solve this problem very well.
    brand construction: official Weibo
    brand construction refers to the official Weibo of our hospital, preferably to certify Weibo to increase the trust and authority of Weibo. The main role of this Weibo is to convey the comprehensive information of the hospital through the official Weibo, which is the hospital related. Daily plans to formulate, update and maintain fans, need to be updated.
    The operation and main points: Official Weibo is closer to officialization, and professional things are the key.
    (1) The information of the hospital's Weibo is accurate, which can be queried and communicated;
    (2) The hospital updates Weibo regularly every day, pays attention to fans, and comments forward Weibo;
    (3) Pay attention to the role of the title party on Weibo;
    . The strategy of Weibo operation promotion plan
    1. Do a good job of Weibo positioning, select the user group
    After the application of Weibo is successful, we need to attract users Follow, this will give Weibo a theme. Based on the positioning of the network target customer group based on the previous analysis, determine the preferences of these target customer bases, and are more interested in which type of Weibo theme. Because our purpose is to promote, users' attention is the most fundamental.
    2. The background of the Weibo homepage focuses on the style
    Weibo can show everyone's personality. If you want others to pay attention to you, you must show your Weibo personality and pay attention to your style. So after registering Weibo, we can't rush to achieve success, and start a lot of things about our website. Our first task is to improve our personal information so that others know what my Weibo is doing and what can users give to users. Experience. A good background is the key to fans paying attention to our Weibo, because fans enter our Weibo, from the background of the Weibo homepage, you can intuitively see the hospital image
    3. Increase Weibo fans through various channels.
    ① enter and exit micro groups
    The meaning of entering and leaving the micro group is to return the group and add groups. Most people will see newcomers in the micro group. Because they also want to get fans, they pay back to you first, especially for each other. rn   ②互粉rn   让别人关注你首先要关注别人,在互粉的时候我们需要注意符合这些情况的人不加:rn   (1)关注的人太多,而There are too few fans without powder;
    (2) There are too few fans who are not fans;
    (3) No pink without avatars;
    (4) Pay attention to 2,000 people. Fan;
    (5) There are a lot of fans, and there are too few people who pay attention to it;
    4. Weibo release should be selected for time
    What Weibo There are some laws to publish how many Weibo can be followed. Generally, the best time to post Weibo is from 7: 30-9: 00-12: 30: 30 17: 00–19: 00 These three periods, because they were at work, rest, and after get off work after work Time is the most time to browse Weibo. At the same time, post Weibo should not be too frequent, pay attention to grasp. Otherwise, it will be considered to be swiping, causing cancellation.
    5. Promote Weibo out and promote website promotion
    After a Weibo is built, we can pay attention to let more people know ourselves, follow ourselves, and believe that with the increase of users, the hospital The correlation will let these users know and understand. You can join some Weibo groups, use the resources of Weibo group to promote it, let more people know our Weibo, pay attention to our Weibo, so as to achieve our promotion effect.
    6. Keep the viscosity directly through interaction and fans
    ① Fans with good interaction relationships. Each company has their own loyal fans. Organize the fan group of enterprises.

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