What can I spend money to spend the renminbi to save money? Is it better to bring cash or check directly? How to operate remittance transfer and other

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  1. 1. Directly replaced with the US dollar belt, it is more cost -effective, the renminbi is a bit losing to Singapore. So just use international bank cards (such as Citi) to save US dollars. Save saves money
    2. Also allow the family to change the US dollar to save your card directly.

  2. You should bring cash to Chinatown to Singapore!
    of course, you have to replace the Singaporean currency of one or two thousand yuan (10,000 yuan) in the mainland to set aside, and go to buy food and drink. The others were changed on Chinatown. I knew that I said that you couldn't understand, because I was also the case at the time. Anyway, you just do what I said. = = Anyway, I was not obedient at the time, and now I regret it!

  3. After reading your question, I don't know how to answer it. I think I still tell you the most suitable way I know. I will not answer in the order of your question. Hope to help you.
    First of all, talk about the first time to bring money to Singapore.
    1. Recommended methods: All RMB cash.
    This Chinese students studying in general Singapore are about 60,000 to 70,000 yuan a year. If some students still need to pay a deposit of S $ 5,000 in the Immigration Department, it will cost about 100,000 yuan. If 10,000 yuan a lot, it is actually a lot of money. Many people feel that it is inconvenient to carry and have hidden safety hazards, so I exchange money with US dollars, new coins or cards. In fact, I think if I want to save money, it is best to bring RMB cash. You can change more money.
    In Singapore to find a friend or an acquaintance to go to the ox cart to change money. Remember to bargain, because you can change the price more. After changing the money, save the money into your bank card in Singapore.
    2. Existing problems:
    (1) Customer problems when exiting the customs. Because China Customs stipulates that if you bring a lot of cash out of the country, you will be declared. However, I know that no less than 100 Chinese students have brought cash from China to Singapore every year. I have never reported customs clearance, so I don't think I have to worry about the issue of customs declaration. If you are really afraid of checking, then divide the money into two parts like this, part in the backpack, and part in the handbag or bag. In this case, there is not a lot of money in each package, and it should not be so exaggerated when scanning.
    (2) Safety issues. Many people are worried about whether so many cash will be safe on the body. I think that as long as it is at the airport, it will be safe. As for Singapore, as long as you say that you have a lot of cash, you should have no one to pay attention to your attention. But when you are on the plane, you should still pay attention to it. It is best to put your backpack next to your own when riding a plane. In addition, do n’t put it in the luggage above your head if you are a portable box or bag. It is best to put it under the seat.
    3. Supplement: The original poster said whether I can get UnionPay cards, VISA, Master credit cards or checks. I personally think that using the above these is indeed much better than bringing cash directly in terms of security and convenience. The only disadvantage is to pay some fees. Basically, all ATM machines in Singapore can use UnionPay cards to withdraw, and credit cards are also common.
    It said that the family will give you money in the future.
    1. Recommended method: Every time you go back, bring cash back to Singapore, and bring a vice card with a domestic credit card on his body to prepare from time to time.
    You will return to China at least once a year. Every time you go back, bring the cash back to Singapore. You can bring Zhang Domestic Credit Card with a secondary card, which is used to prepare from time to time. For example, the computer is suddenly broken and you need to buy a new one. If you leave from the living expenses, it will inevitably affect your original monthly expenses. At this time, you can use a credit card.
    2. Reserve plan: If you really wait for the money, let your family use the domestic Western Union to your bank account in Singapore.
    The is the time to time.

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