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  1. Leeks, also known as leeks, rosewood, belong to lily family and green onions. It is widely distributed and cultivated in all parts of my country.
    The chives use tender leaves and tender flower stems as the main edible part, fresh and fragrant, rich in nutrition. Each 100g of fresh leek contains carbohydrates 3, 2 to 4, 0g, protein 2, 1-2, 4g, fat 0.5g, vitamin C39mg, carotene 3, 2mg, and also contain a variety of mineral elements, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and volatile sulfide. Leeks can be fried or stuffed, and have certain medicinal value.

  2. It is a perennial herbaceous plant with a special strong smell. The rhizomes are lying horizontal, the bulb is narrowed conical, clustered; the outer skin is yellow -brown, mesh fiber; the leaf base, strip, flat; umbrella -shaped inflorescence, top. Leaves, flowers, and flowers are eaten by vegetables; seeds can be used as medicine, which have the effects of nourishing the kidneys, strengthening the stomach, refreshing, and solid astringency. In traditional Chinese medicine, someone calls leek "intestines." Leek has strong adaptability, cold -resistant heat resistance, and cultivation throughout the country.

  3. Do not want to be leeks, pay attention to WeChat public account, "Currency Circle News", there are daily currency circle morning newspapers, and important events of the currency circle:
    Bitcoin price chart echo the pattern before the bull market in 2015
    currency circle circle circle The news today
    Bitcoin fell from a record of US $ 20,000 in December 2017, and finally created a decline channel similar to a decline channel created within 18 months, which led to a long -term bullish reversal in October 2015.
    If the same series of events, BTC may see the channel breakthrough later this year. It cannot be ruled out that the possibility of withdrawing the fall channel in advance may not cause a stronger rebound, and the key 21 -week mobile average is moving south.
    The short -term bullish view proposed by Doji Candle on February 27th, if the price exceeds more than $ 4040 in the next 24 hours, it will be trusted, which confirms that the reversed candle in the three -day chart beyond the bullish candle Essence This will open the door to re -test nearly $ 4,200.
    The failure to break through the $ 4040 repeatedly, it may eventually lead to a immediately fall to $ 3927 (low on March 17).
    The 14 -month -old bear market in Bitcoin finally formed a price model similar to the 2015 bull market.
    The leader of this password market currently traded at $ 4030 on Bit Stamp, reaching a new low of $ 3122 in December. Despite the strong recovery momentum, the price fell 79.85%compared with the $ 20,000 of the record in December 2017.

    The entire selling process, cryptocurrencies have drawn a series of lows and highs, which are called downward channels in technical terms.

    Bitcoin produced a similar model in the previous bear market in 2014-2015. More importantly, after the upward breakthrough confirmed in October 2015, it was a two -year bull market.

    . Therefore, the potential upward breakthrough of the latest decline channel may be regarded as a sign of long -term decline in the rise of the bullish trend. The price trend of the year and early 2015 is very similar.
    The previous bear market has stagnated, and the 14 -week relatively strong and weak index (RSI) hit the oversold level below 30 in January 2015.

    . Similarly, the selling of $ 20,000 in the record set in December 2017 also lost power. RSI fell to less than 30 in December 2018.

    Therefore, if the history is repeated, cryptocurrencies may continue to break through the channel later this year.

    The early trading is higher than the upper edge of the channel. At present, it is 4070 US dollars, which may be regarded as a sign of early signs that several indicators are flashing the bull market. In addition, the transaction price of BTC at the press conference was slightly lower than the breakthrough price.

    . As long as the 21 -week movement average (MA) is in the south trend, this early movement may be short -term, or may lack strong follow -up operations. In terms of writing, MA resistance is $ 4073.

    The height-low-high-high-high mode and 5 days and 10 days of the MAS on the diagram indicate that the path with the smallest resistance is the higher side.
    So, as discussed yesterday, cryptocurrencies may soon verify the bullish outer conversation of candles on the three -day chart, and it is convincing to exceed $ 4040. This will rebound the stock market to a high point of nearly $ 4,200.

    . If the price is lower than 3927 US dollars (low on March 17), the short -term bullish situation will weaken.

  4. Refers to the person who speculates. There are only two kinds of people in the currency circle. Zhuang and leeks have not degraded everyone's intentions. In most cases, they are ridiculed.

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