wholesale body piercing jewelry supplies How to turn WeChat money into QQ coins

wholesale body piercing jewelry supplies

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  1. shoe jewelry wholesale The steps of recharging Q coins with WeChat change are as follows:
    1. Open WeChat, click "Wallet" to enter the WeChat wallet page;
    2, find the entrance of "Q coin recharge", and then click in; Fill in the recharge amount carefully;
    4, confirm the recharge QQ number and the recharge amount, click the "OK" button.
    This, the Q coins are recharged on WeChat, and it is successful. Of course, if you care about the amount of Q coins, don't forget to re -convert it into WeChat red envelopes!

  2. buy wholesale jewelry from china Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer First, install a Q coin recovery software that supports Q coins to exchange WeChat balance on your mobile phone, Yunqi Pay app; second, open Yunqi payment, register a member account, log in to the membership center; third, find "I am," Seller "→" Q coin consignment system "→" starts to sell Q coins "; fourth, activate the Q coin consignment system: select the source of Q coins to determine the activation; The collection method "WeChat", determine the number of consignment, submit orders (each WeChat can only be bound to one WeChat account; WeChat receivable, the amount of Q coins from the sale shall not be less than 10); Copy the service order number, contact QQ trading customer service, send the order number to the customer service, and complete the operation according to its prompts, you can exchange Q coins to WeChat balance.

  3. wholesale modern jewelry How to convert to currency_ 百度 贴 吧. The specific steps are as follows:

    first, click the number of the upper right corner of the upper right corner of WeChat;
    R n third, the public account "balance of the balance" of the input;
    fourth, click to enter;
    , the fifth.

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