wholesale retail jewelry boxes What does VOL and MA in K -line chart mean

wholesale retail jewelry boxes The first is the transaction volume. The second is the moving average

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  1. delmar jewelry wholesale The VOL in the K -line diagram refers to the transaction volume, and each column line represents the transaction of the corresponding K line.
    The MA in the K -line diagram refers to the moving average, such as MA5, which refers to the 5 -day mobile average.
    It look at the stock K line is a method often used by shareholders. The stock market has always been ups and downs. If you want to know, you can use the K line and try to find some "rules" to better use it in daily stock operations
    Let's analyze it in detail, teach you how to analyze it.
    Is before sharing, give you a few stock trading artifacts for free, which can help you collect analysis data, valuation, understand the latest information, etc. It is my commonly used practical tools. Receive (attachment code)
    . What does the k -line of the stock mean?
    k line charts have many other names, such as candle charts, Japanese lines, yin and yang lines, etc. The K line is its most common name. It first appeared to calculate the trend of rice prices. Later It has been applied to stock markets such as stocks, futures, and options.
    The shadow line and the entity composition are columnar K -line. The part of the shadow line on the top of the entity is called the shadow line, and the part below is called the lower shadow line.
    PS: The shadow line represents the highest and lowest price of the transaction on the day. The entity represents the opening price and closing price of the day.
    The representation method of the yang line is not only red, but also white pillars and black boxes, while the yin line is represented by green, black or blue pillars,
    When you see it, the physical part is converted into a line
    The meaning of the cross line is very simple. The cross line can reflect the closing price of the day = the opening price.
    The know the K line, we will be very good for finding the buying point (K -line is also value -based, although it is said that the stock market cannot predict), it is also the best control for novices.
    Here, I want to wake you up. The K -line is very difficult to analyze. If you have just traded stocks, you do n’t know the K line. It is recommended to use some auxiliary tools to help you judge whether a stock is worth buying.
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    It a few simple tips are about how to analyze the K line. Let me tell you to help you speed up the steps to get started.
    . How to use the stock K line for technical analysis?
    1. The physical line is the yin line
    The stock volume of the stock at this time needs to be analyzed. If the transaction volume is not large, it means that the stock price is likely to decrease in the short term; if the transaction volume is large, it is estimated that the stock price must be required Long -term decline.
    2, the physical line is the yang line
    The physical line is the yang line, which shows that the stock price rising power is more motivated. As for whether it is long -term rising, it must be judged in combination with other indicators.
    For example, the form of broad markets, industry prospects, valuations, etc., but due to length problems, you cannot expand a detailed talk. You can click on the link below to understand: R N response time: 2021-09-07, the latest business changes are based on the data displayed in the link in the text, please click to view

  2. kb wholesale jewelry The VOL in the K -line diagram is a transaction volume. Each column line represents the number of transactions of the corresponding K line. Line, for example, MA10 in the daily chart represents a 10 -day mobile average, and MA20 represents a 20 -day mobile average.

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