The stages of hot melt docking of PE pipe

The use of PE pipe is relatively common, in the process of PE pipe production when there are several stages of hot melt butt. These phases of the hot melt reaction are different, but they are also related.

Next, we will learn about several stages of hot melt docking of PE pipes with China HDPE parts factory:

1, product preheating stage:

This stage is used to establish the fusion ring for butt welding, which is entered after the completion of welding preparation and begins to heat the pipe.
2. Heating stage: The heating stage of PE pipe is a really vital link.

3. The next step is to take out the heating plate:

This stage is also used to remove the heating plate in order to facilitate better contact with the surface to be welded, so the shorter the time in this process, the better.

4. Welding stage:

This process is the process of winding and combining the molecular chain of the molten material on the welded end face of PE pipe under the action of pressure.
5. Cooling stage:

After the end of PE pipe welding is the cooling stage. This stage is to avoid external interference.

Therefore, in addition to correct operation, it is also essential to do a decent job in the hot melt docking of PE pipe.

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