What are some practical sex skills?

How can couples improve sex? The very taboo of couples is the same aged, dull and dull. How can couples improve sex when we are committed to it and dare to experiment and innovate? Let sex doll latina tell you.

How can couples improve the quality of sex?​

1. Adjust the pace

When you are older, you can no longer be as quick and intense as you were when you were younger, or have as strong a desire, but it may take your wife more than 20 minutes to reach a high level of excitement. Newly married women in their 20s have the hardest time reaching orgasm at all ages, according to the survey. As men get older, the rhythm of arousal starts to slow, and blood flow and muscle contractions naturally slow down, so it takes longer for men in their 40s or 50s to reach orgasm. This lazy and emotional sex is more attractive to his wife. With sexual excitement synchronized, the wife will naturally be satisfied.

2. Take action

Men reach middle age, have a certain amount of sexual experience, have a certain understanding of women's bodies, do not have a strong desire for women to wear underwear. Even when confronted with his wife's body, he may not think so. ​Youthful men are more likely to be excited when their wives undress, but by their 40s this figure drops to 40 percent. If couples can use their actions instead of their eyes, and active expression instead of passive acceptance, they will get unexpected results.

3. Women take the initiative

When youthful, reserved and shy, women can be more passive, asking their husbands to approach them and whisper in their ears about their desire to have sex. After many years, the wife may become more proactive due to changes in hormone production. Men and women produce androgens and estrogens, but they are produced in different proportions at different ages. When a man's ratio of the two hormones changes, he may be more willing to take a passive position. When a woman's estrogen decreases, androgen production increases accordingly and she may become more active.

4. Focus on quality

For couples aged 30, the quality of sex they seek is more cost-effective than the number of times they ask for it. According to the survey, 50 percent of adolescent couples have sex two or three times a week, and 11 percent have sex more than four times. After 30, and especially after 35, that number drops to 39 percent. While 45 percent of couples do it a few times a month, they still feel emotionally and physically satisfied. After having less sex, couples should realize the importance of quality sex each time. If they can get both physical and mental satisfaction, even once, it is considerably better than the usual dozens of times. Not getting married also shows how crucial quality sex is to a relationship.

Therefore, for couples in their 30s, adjusting and adapting to life is an critical prerequisite for achieving harmony and perfect sex.

Two, practical skills

1, sex drunk

It's not that making you seriously dizzy from drinking, in which case, not only won't help sex, it will also lose it. To achieve this effect, you can buy a double rocking chair and take it home. At night, the two of you will lie down in the rocking chair and have wobbly sex so that you enjoy getting drunk and will give each other a very special feeling.

2. The temptation to dress

Yes, you read that right, it's the dressing game, not the stripping game as everyone thinks. After showering, a woman can stand in front of a man without a towel or clothes and let him look at her naked body without moving, slowly apply moisturizer to her body, put on three-point underwear, and then put on sexy see-through pajamas. Finally, have him start taking off the women's clothes.

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