40 What jewelry is suitable for women to wear

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  1. 40 Women are suitable for wearing what jewelry is better
    40 What jewelry is suitable for women. The age of 40 is a watershed. Young exaggerated jewelry is not appropriate. What about those jewelry. See what jewelry is suitable for 40 women is better.
    40 Women are suitable for wearing what jewelry is better. 1. Emerald jewelry

    Many people think that jadeite jewelry is too old, only those pride Mrs. Kuan Mrs. Kuan Only we wear it, and most people do not consider emerald when buying jewelry. When I was young, the jadeite was indeed too mature. I wanted to wear it with no charm and couldn't hold on its nobleness.
    But for 40 women, emerald is the help tool for improving temperament, with a gentle and generous temperament. Emerald can more reflect the connotation than ordinary jewelry. When you start wearing those low -key clothes, then the emerald jewelry can help you not fall off at the party, elegant and atmospheric.
    2. Pearl necklace
    has no carvings in pearls. The more rounded the pearls, the more beautiful, so if the woman has no money and does not buy the strange shape of the pearl, it will be joked when wearing it. It is not only the ladies who can wear pearls, nor the pearl people will look dull and old -fashioned. Women in 40 or white bone essences in the workplace will be very temperamental. It is a good choice with a small black skirt or a shirt. There is no need to be too large in pearls. The necklace of a single pearl is also very temperament. You can choose this piece if you don't like the whole pearl necklace.
    3. Long earrings
    Women are afraid of not good -looking when they are young, and they are afraid of their temperament when they go old, especially women with 40. In terms of aesthetics, many women can't let go, and the earrings are basically low -key, and it is difficult to be noticed and means that the bonus effect of temperament is very limited. The atmosphere and elegance need to be based on self -confidence, so the earrings must also be selected, such as long earrings. For example, tassel earrings, long chain earrings, etc., with dresses or suits are very beautiful, how to dress up is elegant. The long earrings can also highlight the curve of the shoulder and neck, as well as the effect of a small face, you deserve it.
    4. Watches

    Nowly there are smartphones. The existence of the watch is not to see time, but the same role as other jewelry, or improving temperament. If you want to take the intellectual route, the watch is a very good decoration, gentle and generous, especially suitable for 40 women. Don't worry about the problem of not adapting.
    The watch dial should not be too large, and the strap should not be too thick. The most important thing is not too cheap. The fancy low -grade watches cannot have no money. Many women's watches on the market are exquisite. Those who want to buy jewelry can consider it.
    5. Ring
    It when there is a diamond ring when you get married, but many people are not worn every day, and the wedding ring should be treasured well. But for women, the ring is also a very temperamental jewelry. There is no need to whistle, nor do you need to pursue gemstones and diamonds. The style should be as simple as possible, and for 40 women, there will be no suspicion of pretending to be tender.
    The hands with rings also look more textured. Whether it is a cup or typing, it comes with a noble fan. If the ring is better, the temperament bonus is obvious. Do not let your fingers bare, and the ring is ten times good.
    40 women are better for women to wear. 2. Big gold chain
    Big gold chain is generally a symbol of wealth, so many people have a brain with a thick and large gold in order to show their wealth. The chain is on my body, but I have to say that the big gold chain is too earthy today. We often see many upstarts that are not high -quality wearing such a large gold chain, so the gold chain is also given a rude label. This jewelry does not match people with real temperament and taste. Our necks will only look at the price.
    The golden chain is not heavier, the better. Relatively speaking, young women are more suitable for exquisite chains. The suitable style of weight is more comfortable to wear. The thin chain can also modify the neck lines!
    2. Gold earrings, gold ear rings

    many people will become interested in gold jewelry after getting old. Gold jewelry is indeed mature and feminine Still need to choose the right style, like this big gold earrings on a 30 -year -old woman. It is really not good at all. It looks particularly old -fashioned. It is like those who are fifty or sixty -year -old.
    Is to pay attention to the grams and exquisiteness of the jewelry when choosing gold jewelry. Don't think that the heavier the number is, the more expensive the gram. In fact, this is a wrong mentality. When you buy gold jewelry, it is best to choose exquisite and elegant styles, so as to show your taste.
    3. Large pearl necklaces

    The people will walk into a misunderstanding when wearing jewelry
    that is to think that the more you wear The outbreak household is really low, so it should be avoided as much as possible, so it is difficult for ordinary people to hold as much as possible. Pearl has always been a symbol of simple and expensive, so it is very suitable for mature women to wear, and it will look very temperamental, but remember to be too exaggerated pearl necklaces. The pearls and slender necks will have a sense of expansion. It seems that their necks and faces are particularly swollen and fat, and their face value will be discounted.
    In a petite pearl
    The role as a proper modification, rather than treating it as a town field. Choose a round and translucent small pearl, with a sense of nobleness, but not blessed, and can be appreciated by others!
    The biggest effect of jewelry is to modify our overall shape. The right accessories can add points to our face value and gas field. The wrong jewelry will lower the taste. Avoid the above three accessories!

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