The luckiest player in football history

After Messi won the World Cup, a lot of people said Messi is the king of the game, and compared with Zidane, if you talk about who has the best luck in the history of football, maybe a lot of people will say Maradona, compared to the old horse World Cup with hands can not see the referee, it does require a lot of luck, but the old horse's career is extremely bad, only two league titles without the Champions League, Let's talk about the luckiest players in the history of football, only the top players.

Zidane's first honor is 98 World Cup, 7 games suspended for 2 games. Before France reached the final, Zidane did not score a goal. You can see how bad Zidane played, but Zidane's 2 goals in the final, let everyone think that the French championship is Zidane, Zidane got all the glory.wolverhampton wanderers f.c. vs nottingham forest standings.

Zidane's second honor is the Euro 2000. Just like the 2006 World Cup, Zidane played a poor group with no goals or assists. France, only by opponent mistakes, won the second group. In the knockout game against Spain, Zidane finally scored a free kick, against Portugal, Zidane scored a penalty in extra time, the final Zidane invisible. But France won the championship with their teammates in the final. This European Zidane has a total of 2 goals, no assists, visible Zidane play is how poor.

Zidane's third honor was the 2006 World Cup. Like the 2000 Copa America, Zidane did not play any role in the group stage, but in the third game of the death of Zidane suspension France won 2-0. In the knockout matches, he scored 3 goals in 4 matches, 2 of which were penalties. This is the bad luck of not winning the title this time. It should be mentioned that the 2006 World Cup and the 2000 Euro Zidane played exactly the same.

Zidane has another honor. It is the 2002 Champions League. A total of 3 goals. Playing is not excellent, but scoring one goal in the final. Many people say that this European Cup is Zidane to help Real Madrid to win.


Zidane has had a lot of luck, not winning three huge games, but he is remembered for scoring in the final, even though his team-mates who didn't score in the European Cup helped him win the title. In addition to these significant titles, other achievements of Zidane are not excellent, there are not many league titles, and personal data is essentially ignored. The most crucial thing is that Zidane is essentially not great at scoring goals in the final. That is, he said to himself that if he allowed himself to play, he would never score. After all, Zidane has not scored more than 10 headed goals in his whole career. ​Thus Zidane's luck is actually great. Zidane should be the luckiest top player in the history of football. If Messi Zidane were these champions, it was such a statistic. I am afraid he would have been C Ronaldo fans sprayed to death.

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