Hand warming treasure which brand is good? Hand warming treasure what brand is good?

As the temperature continues to drop, hand warming has become an indispensable item in People's Daily life. And there are more and more hand warmer brands on the market, so which brand of hand warmer is good?

1: Classification of hand warming treasure

Hand warmers can be divided into two types: one is a thermos cup and the other is a heater. Thermos cup mainly uses water as the medium for heating, the temperature is generally about 65 degrees Celsius; A heater uses heat from the air to heat water or other liquids. Hand warmers can also be divided into two categories depending on how they are used: household and outdoor. Household hand warmers are usually the size of a cup and can only be used by one person; The outdoor hand warmer is larger in size and used for outdoor activities. Hand warmers can also be divided into ceramic, glass and plastic, depending on their material. Ceramic products are mainly made of ceramic powder, with good heat insulation performance;

2: Product characteristics of different brands

There are many different brands of hand warmer. Everyone can choose the brand suitable for their own habits and preferences according to their own needs. Generally speaking, the common hand warmer brands are as follows: 1, electrostatic 2, Leidun 3, Alcon 4, De Mars 5, Electrolux 6, Gillette 7, Dupont 8, Sandi 9, Geria 10, Mo brand 11, Kohler 12, Sika 13, Audri 14, color 14, Tianji 15, Ehealth 16, Asus 17, Times Easy 18, Olay

3. Summary

Hand warmer is a small appliance that can be heated or cooled, mainly for use in homes where hot air, cool air and moisture cannot meet the demand. There are also some differences between different brands of products. To sum up, choose a good hand warmer treasure should consider the following points: 1. First of all, to determine their own range of use, if it is household, do not buy too large; 2. Secondly, we should look at the quality of the products of this brand, whether it is genuine; 3. Finally, the price is the question, according to their own situation to decide!

Finally, Xiaobian would like to say: different brands of hand warmer treasure have their own advantages and characteristics, so we must choose according to their actual situation. If you haven't decided which hand warmer to buy, check out the following articles that will help you.

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