Which company's brand is Meinea? I mean in the field of stainless steel!

Added: Also, where is the specific address of that company? what is your number for connecting? It is best to provide more information about the company! Thank you!

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  1. Mr. Xu Meiyi (Minister of Sales Department)
    Tel: 86 0768 6677727
    Mobile phone:
    Fax: 86 0768 6677747
    q Q:
    Postcoding: 515641

    Chao'an County Exquisite Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. ("Meinea" is the main brand of our company), located in the "Hometown of Stainless Steel Products" Chaoshan Plain, Guangdong Province --- Zhangye Lane Industrial Zone, Jinshi Town, 15 kilometers from Shantou Economic Zone in the south, 20 kilometers from Chaozhou City to the north. The four seasons are like spring, the transportation is well-developed, and the people are outstanding.

    The company is a variety of stainless steel lids and combination lids; boiled pots without fire; soup pot; steamer; milk cooker; high pot; non -stir -fried pot; electromagnetic non -stick stir -fried pot; Cake plate; Weidou; (06/08) Soup pot; (06/08) Deep plate and other professional manufacturers.

    The company has advanced production equipment and high -quality technology teams. The product craftsmanship is exquisite, the shape is novel, the specifications are complete, and the quality is reliable.

    Since the founding of the company, the belief of quality first, integrity -oriented, and adhered to the purpose of "quality and low price, comprehensive service". Consumers' praise.

    The company will use the spirit of continuous pioneering and enterprising to create the "beautiful" brand as the goal to make "beautiful" keep pace with the times. Welcome businessmen from all walks of life at home and abroad to call for business to negotiate business.


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