Why do jewelry loses the original luster for a while?

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  1. An precious metal will go over time, and natural oxidation layers will appear on the surface. It is recommended to clean it regularly. Many people may prefer the surface that has just been polished. If this happens, bring your platinum jewelry to the qualified jewelry dealers and let them re -polish it to produce extremely bright effects. Many jewelry vendors now have detailed after -sales service to clean and renovate for free. Chaohong -based jewelry also has such services. Last year, the jewelry that married was bought in their house, and the clerk's services were also very good!

  2. Jewelry jewelry, as the name suggests, is a high -end enjoyment product. Of course, it is indispensable to maintain and love, hee hee .....
    In wearing for a period of time losing the original luster, pure gold or gems will not oxidize, 18K gold, 18K gold If the purity is enough, there will be no oxidation, but that when we usually wear, the human body will have a certain amount of sweat or sometimes cosmetics and perfumes that will cover the jewelry to cover a layer of merit. Or renovate once a year, then your jewelry will be exactly the same as the new one

  3. As long as the jewelry is worn for a long time, it often causes the appearance of the original luster due to external factors such as sweat dirt or air oxidation. The jewelery that is often worn should be used for free cleaning and testing at the shops purchased. Jewelry jewelry requires the careful care of the wearer in order to bloom for a long time. Hey ... I have bought jewelry at Chahongji like upstairs, and their supporting series of after -sales service is pretty good.

  4. In fact, different jewelry of jewelry has different characteristics. The wearing jewelry also improves our own taste. The most troublesome thing is that it is afraid that it will lose its gloss. The factors react, or high -temperature exposure in summer, sweat soaking, etc., will cause such results. Therefore, we should not look at jewelry jewelry because of our own busyness. It is recommended to pay attention to timely cleaning in time, put it lightly, or go to specialized stores such as Tide Hongji and Fengxiang to consult with maintenance and testing. Take more time to take care of your jewelry can greatly reduce the crisis ~

  5. Sweat dirt, air oxidation and other reasons, in fact, is mainly usually maintained in place. During the work, during the bath, during exercise, the jewelry is removed to prevent friction. Then go to regularly clean, the gloss can be maintained for a long time.

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