3 thoughts on “Do I have to use a diamond ring for proposal? Can the gold ring be?”

  1. sure. As long as both parties can accept it.
    The diamond ring proposal itself is also because of "diamonds for a long time, a forever spread" slogan, binding the diamond with love. In fact, what ring can the proposal can be determined according to both the couple.
    But the gold ring is relatively soft, and you need to pay attention to protection when you wear it. If the daily gold ring refers to slight deformation, it can also be repaired by itself. However, if the deformation is severe, you still have to ask professionals to repair it.
    The some people will choose to send it to recycling. The gold is very preserved. The current price of gold is about 400, and the recovery price is about 800-2000.

  2. Do not have diamonds on the life. Diamonds are carbon and oil. Diamonds bought for the immortal. Unless you have the conditions to let him almost enter the kitchen to brush the bowl or something.
    It you can make him buy a lottery, and the price is low in fashion. There are at least one free -to -model activity every year in jewelry stores. Why not do it

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