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  1. On October 17, 2017, across the iron fence, Xu Li confessed to the prosecutors who came to the trial to describe the things he had committed -since 1993, it has occurred in Linhai, Governor of Hu, Ningbo City, Shaoxing Zhuji and other places since 1993 The series of robbery and killing cases confirmed that the 7 robbery cases were done by themselves.
    This case involving a series of robbery and killing more than 20 years ago was listed as a supervision case by the Ministry of Public Security. On March 29 this year, Xu Li was arrested and brought to justice in a chess room in Zhuji.
    It to handle this major case, Shaoxing Procuratorate established a case team composed of the prosecutor of the prosecutor of the hospital, Yang Qi, director of the public prosecution department, after nearly a month of busy, review and analysis after nearly a month of busyness, review and analysis Related facts and evidence have formed a review report of public prosecution cases of 236 pages and 147,000 words, and gradually restored the truth of the case of the case of the series of robbery and killing for more than 20 years.
    On October 20, the Shaoxing Procuratorate filed a public prosecution against Xu Li in accordance with the law and illegally holding a gun. Today (November 10), the case was tried in the Shaoxing Intermediate Court. Why is this killing demon so crazy? More details will surface with the development of the trial.
    9. The court trial will officially begin. According to the early understanding of the reporter of Zhejiang's 24 -hour reporter, there is a identification link in the court, and then the criminal tools will be taken out for more than 20 years to let Xu Li identify.
    8: 40 can be called the strictest security in history
    Early in the morning, the hour hand was at 8 o'clock, and there was an endless traffic at the entrance of the Shaoxing Intermediate People's Court. The national flag fluttered, and the national emblem was speechless.
    The earliest coming to various media, the court staff enthusiastically explained that it was different from the stricter security requirements in the past.
    The second court is near the security checkpoint on the first floor. In the door, the first row of seats have been erected with three or four three -tall tripods. TV reporters debug the angle; text reporters can only sit in the second row or later; the tall bailiffs are sorting out the alarm, and policemen wearing police uniforms or plainclothes have sat one after another. Looking at your face from time to time.
    8: 56 trial immediately started
    The third row of ten people was the family members of the victims of the jewelry of the 1994 shopping mall. That year, the security guard He Yueqing was killed.

    In middle -aged ladies couldn't help taking out her mobile phone to take pictures, or was paid by the French police, and the photos were deleted on the spot. "The mood is understandable." The bailiff's attitude was mild, and the lady who entered the court for the first time said that the victim was her grandfather of her
    . After so many years, He Baoan's children and grandchildren have become middle -aged people. This case finally found the culprit with the cracked and robbery of Ningbo, Shaoxing, and Zhuji: Xu Li.
    9: 00 Xu Li came in
    has not yet arrived at nine o'clock. The second trial court has no seats, and more people have serious expressions. They have been waiting for this day for too long. At nine o'clock, the heavy iron chain sound was from far to near, and Xu Li was brought from two bailiffs to the defendant.
    It wearing a black sweater, less than one meter seven, Xu Li looked fatter than when he was caught before. He held a few pages in his hand, and the bailiff opened handcuffs. He stood in the middle of the court alone. In front of him, there were three judges (judges) and two judges (clerks). Behind him were two bailiffs, eight rows of listeners.
    has passed for so many years to let him ride to the law in order to comfort his father." Pan Xueming, 61, is also the family member of the victim of the Changxing case. He is the son of He Yueqing. Speaking of his father, he was difficult to suppress the sadness. He said that there were five siblings at home at home. The mother died early, and his father had a big child with Xinru. A few children had grown up, but my father died of death 23 years ago during the duty. This time there were ten people in the family who came here, and I wanted to explain to the family.
    9: The trial of the 15th trial was under
    The trial of the Shaoxing People's Procuratorate, Hu Donglin, as the public prosecutor, and Zhang Hongwei, the dean of the Shaoxing Intermediate People's Court. Many prosecutors from the People's Procuratorate of Zhejiang Province came to listen to it, and many people in Shaoxing Public Security System came over.
    9: 35 The indictment accused Xu Li's seven crimes during the 27 years
    according to the allegations of the indictment, Xu Li's crimes were charged with robbery and illegal holding of guns. The earliest case has been 24 years since the case.
    In September 1993, Linhai Taizhou Hospital robbed the case with a cash of more than 8,000 yuan;
    in July 1994, Linhai City South Credit Cooperative robbed the case, killed a duty personnel, and pushed the vault to escape; r In November 1994, Changxing County Mayor Xinglongda Co., Ltd. was robbed, killing a duty personnel, robbing the gold jewelry, jewelry and jade, and watches in total in total of more than 720,000 yuan. ;
    n about December 6, 1995, at 0:00 on December 6, 1995, Ningbo Oasis Jewelry Store was robbed, two security guards were killed, and multiple safe was pried open. The gold jewelry was verified by the insurance company. ;
    In the early morning of April 7, 1998, there was a robbery in the supply and marketing building in Shaoxing County. The security guards were shot on duty. Fortunately, they only hit the clothes and did not cause the casualties. Fuminfang Hengjie Lu Xun Primary School Wall;
    On January 22, 2004, the higmal case occurred in Zhuji 1st goods, and the security was injured. Pistols, pointed knives, knee pads, black thread pants and other things were found on the spot.
    On November 6, 2007, the anti -theft window of the duty room of the Zhuji Jiarui Jewelry Store suddenly burst into sparks. Later, it was found that someone premeditated to use high -voltage electric shocks to stun duty personnel. Fleeing after the scene.
    On March 29, 2017, Xu Li was arrested in a chess room in Zhuji.
    9: 40 Self -reported materials Xu Li claimed that "both hands are full of blood and killing people like a hemp and evil"
    Since the Ningbo Oasis Jewelry Case in 1995, people can only have to leave the clues left by the scene to speculate on the case behind the case. The murderer, from Xu Li's network, several details of the case were restored and completed from his perspective.
    Xu Li, a native of Linhai, Zhejiang, was born in late November 1972. At the time of crime, he was bold and crazy, calm and decisive, like a Scorpio man; and in daily life and even court, the man with swollen face, relaxed figure, and low voice, no shadow of Scorpio at all.
    It -term graduation after graduating from junior high school at the age of 15, he worked in cement plants and textile factories. At that time, he was convenient to steal bicycles for work. Since then, he was arrested for stealing leather clothes and recorder in Linhai Building. The people's court sentenced
    three years in prison. During his sentence, he went to Taizhou People's Hospital due to the preservation of meningitis. It was also the basic situation of the hospital during this period. It also had the first robbery in 1993.
    This crimes
    The 8,000 yuan obtained became his tuition fee for his admission to the health school. Let Xu Li go to the right track, "the money that is grabbed is not the money
    ", and then robbed it after use. In 1994, he committed two robbe
    ry and killed two lives. After three semesters, Xu Li was dismissed by the school for frequent classes.
    In 1995, one month before the crime, Xu Li passed the entrance of Ningbo Oasis Jewelry Store, and saw that the security guard at the door of the mall was standing outside. There were only two waiters in the store. "At that time, there were no other people. Activate the crime. "
    Mis later Xu Li got married and had children. He claimed to be a medicinal business for his family. He often pretended to go out for business for several days, but in fact he had no work, no fixed income, and the time to leave home was not the time for leaving home. Going to gambling is to step on the crime, gambling
    On January 22, 2004, the New Year's Eve was dinner at home. After the family fell asleep, he went to Zhuji to make a crime again. Because the security guards struggled to resist. In 2007, Zhuji Jiarui Jewelery's robbery was found.
    The last case of the last case in the year of the year was lost until the ten years in 2017. Xu Li did not dare to go out to commit crimes. However, because of the obsessed gambling, not only did the money made, but also mortgaged his wife's car until he was arrested.
    In the material description, he wrote: "Since taking the road of crime, killing, robbery, the crime of crime and the unjust money, in my heart, I have always been in my heart. In the deep pain, people are not sinful or ghost n in the abyss of evil, often wake up in the middle of the night, do not regret it (medicine) can be remedied by myself. Blood, killing people like hemp, poor and evil, the crime of extremely bad influence on society
    , I only begging the deceased, and their families, do not want to understand, and want to compensate for the harm caused to them by life to compensate the harm caused by life to them . "
    is ruthless and calm. It is the impression that Xu Li has left in the crime, but in fact, the crime of accumulation has always been tortured in another way in another way in another way. Xu Li, after being arrested, he said: "In fact, after the crime was committed
    , my pressure has always been very large, so I use smoking anesthesia and smoking three packs a day, so I am addicted, and the smoke addiction is very large. . "I even said:" I think there are really ghosts in the world. The
    victims in the case I made before came back to me, just like in my usual life, I want to do something well, But it can't be done. "
    About Xu Li:
    1972 was born in Linhai City, Zhejiang Province.
    On October 26, 1990, he was sentenced to three years in prison by the Linhai People's Court for theft.
    On September 7, 1993, the hospital for the hospital in Taizhou Hospital in Linhai was robbed with a fake gun and grabbed 8,000 yuan in cash.
    In July 21, 1994, to Linhai City South Credit Cooperative, he left and left because he failed to open the credit cooperative vault iron door.
    On November 6, 1994, the governor of the Governor of Huxing Longda shares and killed, and robbed 970,000 yuan of gold, watches, jewelry and jade and other items.
    The on December 6, 1995, to the Ningbo Oasis Jewelry Store, it was worth more than 1.6 million yuan in gold products, jewelry and other items. And kill two security guards.
    The April 7, 1998, to Shaoxing Yuecheng Supply and Marketing Building with a gun robbery. Later, he fled because he failed to subdue security.
    On January 22, 2004, the first food company in Zhuji City was robbed, and escaped due to security resistance and fleeing and calling for help.
    On the 11th and 6th, 2007, in the Jiarui Jewelry Bank of Zhuji City, the robbery was used to use an electric shock to the victim.
    On March 30, 2017, he was detained and arrested on April 28 of the same year.
    10: 00
    "prying rods, pointed knives, pistols, hoods, gloves, tape ..."
    In the case of the case, Xu Li almost remembered all the details. He even remembered that he finished grabbing jewelry and jade in Changxing Longda Building, and there was a cigarette.
    Why go to Ningbo to rob?
    : In the impression, Ningbo is a port city, where we are wealthy.
    This syndrome session, the public prosecutor released the photo of the evidence of Linhai Taizhou Hospital. This is the place where Xu Li discarded the white coat after the crime was committed
    10: 55
    The six cases, and the 100 cases of Zhuji.
    "I didn't want to kill him, I just wanted to threaten." Xu Li answered a little hesitant.
    During the trial, Xu Li turned his head, and his eyes swept through the counters, but he had not found the person he wanted to find.
    The trial court immediately reminded Xu Li, do not look back at the counters at the beginning of the trial.
    11: 23
    The trial continues. Next, the public prosecutor accused Xu Li's criminal facts of illegally holding guns.
    The tragedy is even more tragedy.

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