Valentine's Day is here. What gift should I give my girlfriend

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  1. In the West, Day is Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is not only the best time to express affection, but also the best time to propose to the people you beloved.
    In the customs of Valentine's Day, flowers and chocolate are essential when celebrating. So do you know the meaning and meaning of this?
    Rose represents love is well known, but there are also good intentions of different colors and roles!

    The red rose represents enthusiastic true love;
    yellow roses represent treasure blessings and jealousy;
    Purple roses represent romantic truth and precious and unique;
    black roses represent gentleness and sincerity;
    orange -red roses friendship and youthful beauty;
    blue roses represent goodness and kindness.

    The meaning of chocolate:

    Hunan child chocolate -loyal
    fruit kernel chocolate — 可 n wine heart chocolate — drunk with you
    milk fragrance chocolate -my honey

    In addition to sending roses in Valentine's Day, you can also use the following flowers to create a romantic and sweet atmosphere, and more specifically express your love for love. Praise and blessing to lover.

    roses -seeking love full -star -love pity
    lily -100 -year -old sunflower -love
    合 —— —— ——
    Red Bean -Dendrobium Dendrobium -willful beauty
    Red chrysanthemum -I love the purple clove -shy
    White cloves -read my tulip -love fable n willow branches -attachment Purple Orland — Eternal Beauty
    Persian chrysanthemum -forever, Margaret -Lover's Love
    Valentine's Day Romantic 14 Strokes
    1. The towel covered the light.
    2. To make an appointment at the flower shop, please wait at 7 pm at the place where you and her or her.
    3. Meet to unmanned beaches or beaches, order bonfire to roast potatoes.
    4. Walking in the rainy rain without an umbrella, while walking, he nodded and smiled.
    5. Remember the astrology, ask him (her) to the top of the mountain to show him the opponent's constellation, and then look at the starry sky. Of course, it is not memorable. Edited a moving story.
    6. Singing the old song, the older the older.
    7. If you are going to ask each other, you can say: "I heard that there is a way to love in your own palms. If the other party agrees The palm of his palm is drawn with a red pen and put the red pen aside.
    8. Prepare a wide cloth strip in advance, write good words on it. When you are happy to talk to her in the cafe, you suddenly silently silently, pull out the cloth strip from your pocket, you can write "Being with you, I'm so happy!"
    9. ) When dating, I stopped the watch and looked at the watch and said; "Being with you, my time is stopped, I really hope that the time is still 7 o'clock."
    10. Use long match sticks to put the names of the other party on the cake one by one, and it will flashes from the head to the end.
    11. Buy a restaurant and pay the account in advance. During the chat, the lights were suddenly dark, and the waiter launched a birthday cake to sing a happy birthday song.
    12. Go to the wild to eat lover barbecue picnic.
    13. Buy a book "Traditional Crosstalk". When you are lonely, the two people look at them, often unexpected happiness.
    The Valentine's Day Constellation
    ● She of the goat
    The method of spending her on Valentine's Day with her: Saturn lets goesman's interest to Valentine's Day, in fact, the goat woman still wants someone to accompany the lover The festival is relaxed, but this requires a special plan. She will want you to study the festival with her; if there is no creative plan, goat women will be unhappy.
    ● Aquarius at
    The method of spending her Valentine's Day with her: Libra and Saturn gave Aquarius strange thoughts. You have to make an appointment with her first, otherwise the festival of Aquarius is probably spent with a lot of people. She likes group activities and prefers nature. If you can enjoy a rare comfort with her to the suburbs, she will have an intention to return.
    ● Pisces in Pisces
    The method of spending on Valentine's Day with her: Water Elephant Constellation Pisces is delicate. Although romantic, flowers and chocolate, Pisces can be very happy, but you can still arrange other mountain climbing , Tour the garden and other activities to make her happy.
    ● Aries in Aries
    The method of spending on Valentine's Day with her: must not let the white woman's Valentine's Day settle list, she must be able to make the two sides sweat and spend the holiday hot. You have to respect the idea of ​​Bai Za, and let her decide to play is the best way. You want to let the white woman dominated by Mars release the long -accumulated calories today.
    ● Taurus in her
    The method of spending her on Valentine's Day with her: Taurus woman jurisdictional, likes to control the actual way of festival, give her outstanding jewelry jewelry to satisfy her desire for material, remember you Put a gift for her in person. She had a feast with her sophisticated restaurant. If she could give her a long -awaited promise in the table, she would sincerely thank her.
    ● Gemini on her
    The method of spending her Valentine's Day with her: to attract Gemini women affected by Mercury and take her to visit novelty, such as the latest dating attractions that have not yet known, or lead her Enjoy the latest information and even let her explore her uns development zone, which will make Gemini who likes to run around and west more specialized.
    ● Cancer, her
    The method of spending on Valentine's Day with her: Affected by the moon, this year Valentine's Day meets the lunar calendar on the 29th, I am afraid that there is no moon to watch. It is recommended that you have to keep on Valentine's Day. Beside the Cancer Woman, so stabilize her mood that may be out of control today. To a place where you know each other or have special significance, you will make the two more watery.
    ● Leo's her
    The method of spending on Valentine's Day with her: The sun is the dominant star of Leo. If the weather is good on Valentine's Day, you can have a highly mental preparation of energy consumption. All the gorgeous or lively scenes are a good place for you and the lion woman. If you are too stingy for the puppet, beware of the unhappiness of her heart, and shadow the shadow for the section.
    ● Virgo her
    The method of spending on Valentine's Day with her: Under the influence of Mercury, the Virgo Valentine's Day of the Elephant Constellation wants to stay at home on the day of the Valentine's Day, and will be busy to clean up the house. Happy, you are more considerate of her. Perhaps to clean her with her, she would like to be considerate of her.
    ● She in Libra
    The method of spending on Valentine's Day with her: Libra, which is liberalized by Venus, does not want to make fun of the atmosphere with a lot of people on Valentine's Day. If you want to book Valentine's Day for her For meals, don't choose a buffet restaurant like hodgepodge, or a crowded and noisy department store shopping square, she will feel a kind of torture. It is better to find an elegant shop and enjoy the two worlds quietly.
    ● Scorpio of her
    The method of spending her on Valentine's Day with her: Mars and Pluto intertwined the unique personality of Scorpio. Take the Scorpio woman to the hidden place. The two people meet. People who have progressed to a certain extent can freely stretch the other person's spirit and meat; sexy underwear is a gift that burns her fire. Of course, if you and her just start, you can start with watching "movies".
    ● She in Sagittarius
    The method of spending on Valentine's Day with her: Jupiter brings good luck to Sagittarius. I am afraid that the Sagittarius woman's holiday target is not the only person. Pay attention to other love rivals around her. If you don't want to compete, you can win the free card with the festival with the Sagittarius woman. You have to arrange a
    lover holiday, not just the day of Valentine's Day. After discussing with her, come to a short trip for three days and two nights, take a scorer woman to travel, and enjoy the romance.
    The Valentine's Day Rose
    True love roses
    1 Rose representative -I only have you in my heart!
    2 Rose representative -there are only us in this world!
    3 roses representative -I love you!
    4 roses representative -to death!
    5 roses representative -I sincerely appreciate it!
    6 roses representative -respect for each other, mutual love and mutual forgiveness!
    7 Duo Rose representative -I secretly love you!
    8 roses representative -thank you for your care and support!
    9 roses representative -long -term!
    10 roses representative -the all -round beauty is impeccable!
    11 Rose representative -the favorite only cares about you!
    12 Rose representative -the increasing love for you!
    13 Rose representative -friendship is long!
    14 Rose representative -proud!
    15 Rose representative -apologize to you!
    16 Rose representative -changeable love!
    17 Rose representative -despair and irreparable love!
    18 Rose representative -sincerity and frankness!
    19 Rose representative -patience and expectation!
    17 Rose representative -despair and irreparable love!
    18 Rose representative -sincerity and frankness!
    19 Rose representative -patience and expectation!
    20 roses representative -I have only one sincere heart!
    21 rose symbol -sincere love!
    22 rose symbol -I wish you good luck!
    25 rose symbol -I wish you happiness!
    30 rose symbol -the letter is fate!
    36 rose symbol -romance!
    40 rose symbol -love to death!
    50 roses symbol -encounter encounters!
    99 roses symbol -long -lasting!
    100 rose symbol -100 % love!
    101 rose symbol -favorite!
    108 rose symbol -proposal!

    Is my answer can make you satisfied, I wish you happiness! Intersection Intersection

  2. The most special and best gift for Valentine's Day!
    Petal puzzles, integrating personality and creativity and romance. You can use your photos or photos and pictures as puzzles to make your own puzzle. The puzzle is not just a photo, but a story

    , a memory, a ray of tenderness. The puzzles of each small piece have their own position, just like each memory has its story. You can remember the deepest clip in your memory, you can be your beloved photo

    , it can be your most memorable moment, make it into a puzzle, put up one by one in the season of thought, put the film one by one, take the film, the film The scattered memory is combined again, and the sweet ripples in the heart of the heart of the heart of the heart of the heart of the lake

    % -*...) ( * -) (( -)

    It you can use your photos to customize a pair of live -action soft pottery dolls ~
    All handmade The Q version of the puppet that is very similar to you ~ super creative gift ~~~ It can also be stored for a long time ~ Very meaningful ~~~~~

  3. Send the bracelet or something, beautiful accessories. Add roses. Three red roses, asked her to go to a quiet park, and gave her at the right time. Remember to be sincere when you send it. Essence Remember to help her bring her on the jewelry. Essence Kiss her forehead. Essence

  4. The roses are too vulgar,

    Who girls do you like that now?

    She went to the seaside `

    Preatery with a gasoline (tank lighter) in advance to scatter her name in the middle of the sea.

    Is when it is dark, use fire to surprise her. If there is a flower

    waist after seeing this scene before sending her and then a word of love you. `~!

    The leftover and romantic memory will be deep.

  5. = =, I received a rose 2.14 this year, and I felt happy. I personally like a couple T -shirt. Girls like to show off themselves in front of others, haha! Including you! Put on the same trick T -shirt! She will be very happy! With 11 roses, you should die happily.
    For you at the age of fifteen, it is a bit difficult. But the hard -to -come RMB will feel precious, isn't it? come on!

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