4 tips for installing a bathtub in the bathroom

On a day to sit sore, a hard day to go home, the most happy is to finish the meal after work, lit aromatherapy listening to music, lying in the bathtub comfortably to take a bath, to a realistic version of the water Ge you lie, pressure exhaustion seems to disappear immediately. At home comfortable soak in a hot bath, warm body, sleep not afraid of a night bed is not warm.

In fact, let's have a detailed understanding of the windowsill stone, to see in the end is not practical.

In a bathroom that's big enough, you can fit a bathtub all you want, but if you have a small bathroom at home, how do you put it down? We from the layout design, bathtub selection, bathtub installation, bathtub maintenance of these four aspects how to install a bathtub in a small bathroom!There are wholesale bath bombs.

Table of Contents:

1, buy bathtub: suitable for the installation of bathtub crowd;

2. Bathtub size: Is the size of your home installed bathtub enough?

3, space layout: two years of use is clean as new;

4, bathtub classification: fresh and breathable, relax the body and mind;

5, bathtub installation: bathtub 7 points quality 3 points installation;

6, bathtub use: bathtub use precautions;

Suitable for those who install bathtubs
01 Like bath HOME very much

For those who especially like to take a bath and dream of having a big bathtub for a long time, it is not easy to wait until they decorate their house, of course, to realize their dream.

02 Get ready for regular cleaning HOME

One of the most important issues with a bathtub is hygiene. In addition to cleaning before and after use, it also requires a lot of patience.

The bathtub is for bathing, not bathing. Shower first, wash your body, your hair, wrap your hair in a towel, and then get in the tub. It will hardly make the tub dirty, and it will be very easy to clean up.

If you're willing to put in the hard work of cleaning for the happiness of bathing, go for it.

When cleaning scale on a bathtub, lemon and white vinegar are recommended if you prefer a fresh, natural taste. Do not use dark cleaners, it may cause discoloration of the cylinder.

03 Have enough budget for HOME

The cost of installing the bathtub is thousands or even tens of thousands. There is a budget to install, and the budget is not enough to give up, mainly according to their own actual situation to decide.

In fact, if the later use more opportunities, it is not expensive, a year can not use a few times, inevitably some waste.

And usually remember to cherish the bathtub, do not use hard objects to beat, so as not to cause scratching.

Is your home tub size enough?
Light the aromatherapy, fill the fruit, with a soothing jazz tune, slowly soak the body in the warm "bubble soup"... . In the dense water vapor, you can feel the day's fatigue and labor melt away from your body.

Under the pressure of modern fast pace of life, more and more people begin to pursue the slow pace after going home. The bathtub has changed from a traditional bathing tool to an important item that can improve the happiness of life and make the body and mind completely relaxed.

In this magical, small, safe space, it seems that all the troubles of this day can be gradually diluted and calmed... .

There are many different types and sizes of bathtubs on the market. Small area toilet installation bathtub, must be careful to choose according to the size. The length of the conventional bathtub is between 1.5m~1.8m, and the width is 0.7m ~ 0.75m, so the area required by the normal bathtub area is about 1 square meters ~ 1.35 square meters.

Use a smaller sitting bath, the length of about 1m~1.2m, width between 0.7m~0.75m; The required area is 0.7㎡~0.9㎡.

Knowing the size of the bathtub, we simply made a list of other bathroom options to see the minimum size of bathroom we need per bathtub.

Plus between the toilet and the bathroom cabinet, or between the toilet and the wall need to have 0.2m of reserved space; In addition, the aisle space needs at least 1.5 square meters.

That works out to a minimum of 3.6 square meters for a bathroom with a combined tub and shower; With a separate bath and shower, the toilet needs at least 4.5 square meters.

Normally, you can figure out from the size and layout whether your home will fit a bathtub or not. But a theory is just a theory.

In practice, the problems are more complex, such as:

Toilet is a variety of shapes, open the window direction open the door direction may lead to the need for different square meters; Toilet pipe location, after wrapping, there will be some space loss.

Layout that maximizes the use of space;
Small area bathroom to install the bathtub, early must do a good job of the overall planning of the bathroom.

01 Wide and short bathroom HOME

The basic rule is to put the bathroom cabinet in front of the door, whether it's on one side or in the middle.

The bathroom cabinet is centered, with a toilet on one side and a bathtub on the other.

When you open the door, the mirror that first comes into view has the feeling of enlarging the space, which makes the bathroom look more spacious and beautiful.

02 L type toilet HOME

L-shaped bathrooms are easier to lay out.

The bathroom cabinet is in the middle, and the bathtub is on one side of the long side of the cabinet, and the toilet is on the other side of the short side.

The bathroom cabinet is in the corner of the L-shaped head, and behind that are the toilet and the bathtub. The tub is still on the longest side.

Sometimes, the door will be in the bottom corner of the L-shape. In this case, our layout would be similar to a long bathroom with a narrow side door. The bathroom cabinet faces the corner of the entrance, then along the wall are the toilet and the bath (shower). The tub is a little too small at this point.

03 square bathroom HOME

Use a U-shaped layout: Place the sink and toilet side by side in a narrow space, leaving room for the tub on the other side. The shower and toilet that most need ventilation are near the window.

Alternatively, place the tub and shower by the window, and separate the toilet and wash station.

Of course, if the bathroom space is large enough, the design of the following will be more practical. To squat, to shower, to wash your face and brush your teeth are not delayed.

However, no matter what shape of the toilet, we need to pay attention to one point: to reserve the appropriate spacing for the toilet, the front of the toilet should be set aside at least 650mm, the left and right sides should be set aside at least 450mm, so as to ensure normal use, and maximize the compression of space.

In addition to the compact layout, it can also reduce the area of sanitary ware and make room for the bathtub.

Small bathroom can consider a small single basin wash basin, you can also choose a mini toilet, small and delicate does not take up space.

The toilet and sink can also be wall-mounted, as wall-mounted drainage can be used by lining pipes and tanks on the non-load-bearing side of the wall, leaving extra space for storage.

If you can, it's better to put the sink outside. While making the bathroom more spacious to use, it can also realize the separation of dry and wet.

Classification of bathtubs
Small toilet, as long as the reasonable design, can also be filled with a bathtub, to meet the needs of bath, bathtub so many types, the most suitable for their own is the best.

01 Sitting bath - the first choice for small HOME

Compared with the ordinary bathtub, the length of the sitting bath is shortened and the depth is increased, the floor area is relatively small, and the bathtub has a bump and a seat. Sitting in a seat while taking a bath, the whole body can be completely immersed in the water, and there is no need to worry about dipping down, both adults and children can comfortably soak in a hot bath.

02 Fan-shaped bathtub -- the best HOME for irregular space

The fan-shaped bathtub, covering a small area, is especially suitable for irregular space.

While smaller tubs, such as sit-tub and scalloped tubs, don't stretch the body as much as larger ones, there are trade-offs when it comes to soaking in smaller Spaces.

03 Built-in bathtub -- HOME with comfortable height

We can also combine the shape of the space directly embedded design, such bathtub is also very suitable for small area bathroom. One of the big advantages of the embedded bathtub is that it can be perfectly integrated with the wall, leaving no sanitary dead corners for daily cleaning.

Such a bathtub design can also combine the bathtub and shower area into one, saving space.

04 Freestanding bathtub -- the pursuit of chic modeling HOME

Freestanding bathtubs can be divided into direct floor bathtubs and four-legged floor bathtubs. The bathtub is self-contained and movable.

Four-legged floor bathtub, also known as "princess tub" and "cat foot tub", has a very high appearance level. Most of the bathtub in the movie is this exquisite style, creating an elegant and fashionable space.

But this bathtub also has a fatal shortcoming - in the small area of the bathroom in the four-foot floor very occupy space, and the bathtub around the empty place is not easy to clean, so the area of the bathroom below 6 square meters is not recommended.

The bathtub is 7 points in mass and 3 points in installation
Check that the level, front, back, left and right positions of the bathtub are suitable, that the drainage facilities are suitable, and that the installation is firm. During the installation process, the bathtub and drainage facilities should have anti-fouling, shock-proof and anti-blocking facilities. The Angle grinder and spot welder should have sparks, and do not splash on the bathtub, otherwise it will damage the glaze and affect the appearance of the bathtub.

Pay attention to tub protection. During tub installation and house renovation, you can cover the tub surface with a soft material. Do not damage the tub by standing on it or placing heavy objects around the edge. Bathtubs should only be used within 24 hours of installation.

Precautions for bathtub use
Whether to install a bathtub in the toilet needs to be decided before the waterway transformation, because the hot and cold water outlet and the location of the water outlet of the bathtub need to be reserved in advance.

When buying a bathtub, pay attention to the size of the bathtub and make sure the width of the bathroom door allows the bathtub to pass through.

It's hard to avoid getting wet in the bath, and even the bath itself is slippery and you can fall over if you're not careful, so safety is a must. There will be water on your feet when you step out of the tub after a bath, and there will be a risk of slipping on the floor tiles, so be sure to spread a non-slip mat in front of the tub; In addition, in the case of the elderly, it is best to install a safety handrail, which can be used to get up and increase the sense of security in the bath.

Washing in the bathroom every day is the most relaxed moment, to remove the pressure, impetuous, anxious, clean the body is also a soul of self-purification and relaxation.

It takes half an hour to soak each time, and it's very boring to stay. With this stand, you can open the ipad to watch programs, you can read books, especially useful. You can also take a can of ice drink in advance. When you feel hot and thirsty, you can take a big drink.

In general, whether something practical varies from person to person, like the oven and other household appliances, some people buy back on the side of the ash, some people use it to do a lot of food to enrich their life, the bathtub is the same, in the end does not install the bathtub, installed what kind of bathtub, should start from their own, from their own needs, is the best for their own.

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