Photoelectric LED lamp with secondary optics to make the product more quality

The optical design of led lighting system is divided into primary optical design and secondary optical design. Only when the primary optical design and packaging are reasonable and can ensure the light quality of each LED luminous component, can the secondary optical design be carried out on the basis of the primary optical design to ensure the light quality of the entire ws2815 led strip luminous system. Put plainly, the primary optical design is designed to remove as much light as possible from the LED chip; ​the purpose of secondary optical design is to make the light emitted by the whole lighting system meet the design requirements.

In addition to the structural part designed according to customer requirements, photoelectric pays extra attention to the design of secondary optical part, optimizing and controlling the quality and angle of light output.

Primary optics is the primary packaging of the lamp bead and the flexible circuit board, and secondary optics can be claimed to be the secondary packaging of the bare board lamp strip, which improves the waterproof performance and effectively controls the luminous direction. For example, the photoelectric silica gel lamp belt can be made into square, triangular oblique luminous, embedded luminous, in some scenes instead of aluminum profile, more simple installation.

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, secondary optical design is an extension of primary optics, which requires higher quality and luminescence requirements for bare panel lamp strip, which makes photoelectric products take the quality route, rather than relying on shoddy manufacturing to win customers with low prices.

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