In April alone, dog coins rose by 470%. Do you still have to make money now?

5 thoughts on “In April alone, dog coins rose by 470%. Do you still have to make money now?”

  1. Recently, a news that "dog currency rose by 470%in April alone" has aroused heated discussion among netizens and has a lot of enthusiasm on the Internet. We know that with the development of society, many emerging things have appeared now, such as digital currencies that have been on fire in recent years. It has risen to more than 300,000 yuan, and the increase is very huge. Many people have risen the price of Bitcoin in Bitcoin, and they have become upstarts, making a lot of money. With the rise of Bitcoin, people recognized the charm of digital currencies, so they connected a lot of digital currencies, Ethereum, dog currency and so on. So in the last April, the dog coin stood on the cusp, because the dog coin rose 470%in April alone, which was very exaggerated. So is there any money now?
    . The difference between dog currency and Bitcoin
    Bitcoin is limited, about 21 million pieces, which have been discovered, about 1,800 It has not been excavated, and some have been lost permanently.
    The total number of dog coins is unlimited and can continue to hairstyle. Later, 2 billion dogs will be issued every year. The longer the less valuable.
    . The recent surge
    The recent surge, many factors, one of which is caused by Musk's Twitter.
    . Is there any money to invest now
    Now it has risen a lot. Now it may be able to earn or lose in the past, but after a short period of time, it needs to be adjusted back. Therefore, it is still more risky to invest in now.
    The above is my opinion on this issue. It is purely a personal point of view. It is for reference only. Everyone can leave a message in the comment area. Let's discuss it together.

  2. Of course. It is also particularly hot now. If you find the opportunity, the appropriate investment, and the appropriate exit will definitely make a lot of waves, and you will not lose money at all.

  3. Now investment can still make some money, and the price of dog coins in the market is also more expensive. It belongs to a rising stage. Now investment is still possible.

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