Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Online banking that runs the industry and commerce card and opens to Singapore's ICBC in Singapore can I use it?

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  1. ATM can be used where the UnionPay logo is available, as long as you can access the Internet online banking.

    but if you want to deposit Singapore coins in your ICBC card in Singapore, and then consume RMB directly, it is impossible Singapore's money to the account of your ICBC card, and then you can use your ICBC card to buy things online

    but you can go to the bank to consult if you can open a dual currency card, maybe you can solve it. your problem

  2. Do you want to buy things online? Intersection
    The new coins in Singapore? Intersection
    ..., it's not impossible! It's more troublesome!
    Is, do the online banking of your area support foreign exchange settlement? Intersection If so, it will be simpler!
    It you only need to settle the new currency deposited online to RMB on the Internet, and then operate it!
    . If you do not support foreign exchange, you need to buy foreign exchange in the local ICBC to buy foreign exchange for RMB, then deposit in the card, and then operate!
    three, the second method that is not supported, can call the domestic ICBC customer service after the new coins are deposited (the domestic is directly 95588, how can Singapore really know ...), and then settle foreign exchange settlement Essence You can use it!

    said, forget to ask, what is your card? Intersection

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