ICBC E: How to use ICBC VISA card in Singapore

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  1. One of the ordinary debit cards to ICBC can also be used in Singapore as long as III.
    but the cost of brushing money is more expensive, and the new coins are calculated on the same day. Therefore, it depends on
    The handling fee for withdrawing 1,000 yuan is 30 new. Very expensive
    VISA and UnionPay to withdraw money without being able to use it to swipe cards to buy things. It is more cost -effective to indicate that VISA and UnionPay will have discounts
    If you have time differences, such as DBS (POSB) card China remittance, it takes about 3 working days to receive it. If you have no money, you can only send money in China to the card with UnionPay. Essence Just give some fees.

    The last swipe card is not required. Only cash takes the handling fee
    Since you are a student, I suggest to apply for a local DPS card POSB more popular students.
    If conditions, you can do CITIBANK and HSBC. However, the premise is that there must be a certain amount of funds in the card to handle the handling fee every month. I think it is good to use Citibank because Citibank will have discounts in many places in many places. Citibank China is Citibank.

  2. It can be used, with a high withdrawal cost, and the interest is calculated daily. The exchange rate is based on the exchange rate on the day of repayment. There is no handling fee for swiping cards.

  3. If it is a debit card, 5,000 yuan per card is paid per day, and the handling fee is three thousandths.
    If it is a credit card, it depends on your credit limit. Different banks' credit cards, interest and handling fees are also different.

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