Is it genuine?

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  1. Unreliable, in the live broadcast room of gold and jewelry, the scarred script -style cargo is common. The anchors with goods are trying to enhance the gimmick in the live broadcast room in this way to meet the pleasure of consumers.
    bargaining in the live broadcast room, from tens of millions to hundreds of dollars, it is commonplace. But in fact, the sales script of this type of live broadcast room is a script set up by anchors and brands in advance. Buying jade in the live broadcast is not a more rational behavior, especially when buying under the function of the live broadcast of the live broadcast, it is very easy to be fooled, and it is even more difficult to defend rights.
    Jewelry jewelry is generally expensive and belongs to valuable items. To buy genuine genuine products, it is best to buy it in formal channels. Consumers who do n’t know how to buy them do not buy in the black market or from private hands. , Specialty stores, electronic trading platforms, jewelry exhibitions, etc. are all good choices, while tourist attractions are the hardest hit areas of jewelry fakes.

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