Live script essay

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  1. Live script essay:
    1. Clarify the theme of live broadcast
    The live broadcast of your live broadcast, or give back to fans, share live broadcast or live broadcast? Fans can see from your live broadcast, what can fans see from your live broadcast? What to get.
    2. Who can see the live broadcast
    do a good job of fan portraits and clarify the live broadcast object. Who do you mainly show this live broadcast, whether you are a young user group, or a group of middle -aged and elderly users, mainly men, or women Mainly.
    3. Determine the live broadcast rhythm and watch
    How to arrange for the order of products, welfare, duration, etc. of this live broadcast. There are a few rounds and so on.
    4. Determine the live broadcast preheating scheme
    This is expected to drain the live drainage, what method is used for preheating drainage, the copy of the copy is preheated or the short video preheating, the multi -solution preheating or simple preheating.
    5, the division of labor, equipment
    Who are needed for live broadcast, anchor, re -broadcasting, field control, etc., reasonably match the live broadcast personnel according to your live broadcast nature and needs, and cooperate in the division of labor. What are the live broadcast rooms? Equipment, how to arrange the live room, etc., also set up in advance.
    6. Control the live budget
    Hak of the budget for live broadcast, how much the amount of coupons to be issued in the live broadcast, etc. When you prepare the details according to this process, you have the quality after the details are properly prepared. The live broadcast has basically taken shape. If you want to improve the quality of the live broadcast, you need to control the method in detail. For example, how to arrange rhythm, how to drain the live broadcast room, and how to explain the product.

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