How to write a script before live?

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  1. The live script sample can be referred to as follows:
    1. In the first minute of the broadcast, enter the live broadcast state, sign in, and say hello to the first fans.
    2. 1 ~ 5 minutes, close -up live broadcast, 1-2 explosion models on Amway while interacting. Interactive suggestions choose to sign in and check -in, and constantly emphasize to start broadcasting every day, waiting for the fan troops to come.
    3. 5 ~ 10 minutes, spoiler today and the main push.
    4. In the 10th to 20th minute, all the models today will be taken to see flowers without doing too much, but the potential explosion can be recommended. The entire spoiler lasted for 10 minutes, and the assistant kept up, a set of sets of display. However, the whole process does not look at fan comments, do not walk with fans, and show it one by one according to its own rhythm.
    5. After half an hour, officially entered the product recommendation. According to the focus of the fans' needs for spoilers, refer to the product structure before the live broadcast. The five -minute live script of each product refer to the single product script in Chapter 1.
    6. During the live broadcast, the field control was converted to the sales data based on the number of online people at the same time and the clicks of each product to guide the anchor to make the adjustment of the key interpretation.
    7. In the last hour, the return interpretation of the product is high.
    8. In the last half hour, the entire interpretation of the explosive purchase path, teaching fans how to receive discounts and how to successfully shoot.
    9. In the last ten minutes, the anchor drama is transparent. The assistant sees the problem of the product today.
    10. In the last minute, emphasize the attention of the anchor, and will start on time tomorrow when it will be broadcast on time. Welfare will be on time. It is recommended that fans go to the broadcast to see the baby explanation.

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