What is the situation of golden hair

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  1. Gold jewelry has the following three factors:
    : Time factor
    is long, and gold jewelry will lose gloss because of its environmental factors. For example, in some relatively arid areas, there are often minor dust in the air. If it is contaminated with the human body, it will form a "human sandpaper". Dandruff, local black stains, etc.
    : Daily cosmetics factors
    This cosmetics contain certain chemicals, which also contain some fine hard particles. If it accidentally applies on the skin of the gold jewelry, it will provide opportunities for cosmetics containing chemicals and the golden jewelry that is most afraid of chemical erosion, and the result is naturally not good.

    It: Extracts in the human body
    This human body will have waste discharged from the body every day, including chlorine substitutes, lactic acid, urea ammonia, etc. There will be some chemical reactions, for example, when silver and copper in gold jewelry will produce chemical reactions under the action of some sweat, showing dark black silver chloride and copper sulfide. This kind of chemical salt is sometimes from gold jewelry Falling will also pollute the skin of the wearer, leaving very obvious black stains.
    The most important reasons for gold jewelry are the above three factors. If you want to keep your gold jewelry in life, you must know how to maintain your gold jewelry. For example, before doing cleaning work , Remove the gold jewelry, do not pull the necklace and other accessories, try to avoid gold jewelry with perfume, gum, etc.!

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the environment of wearing will also affect. If the environment is too dry, there are many slender dust in the air. When it is contaminated by the human body, it will constitute a "human sandpaper", which will erode gold into extremely slender debris and turn black. Honey

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