Why is it black with gold necklace?

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  1. The reason one

    has worn it for a long time, and the surface of the jewelry has accumulated stains, causing the metal to be black. Gold jewelry has been worn for a long time, and small scars will inevitably occur on the surface. These scars will accumulate fine dust in the air and the fat secreted by the human body, resulting in black gold jewelry.
    Reason two
    is corroded. In addition to moisture, fat, and salt from human pores, there are some harmful substances, such as chlorine substitution, lactic acid, urea ammonia, etc. These substances have chemical reactions with silver and copper in gold jewelry, which generates dark black silver chloride. Copper sulfide causes the environmental jewelry to be black and dull.
    How to clean the gold necklace:
    1, toothpaste can make the teeth white, and it can also make gold jewelry bright as new. Toothpaste can remove the dirt on the surface of the gold jewelry. But this method is not very good, because toothpaste contains wear particles. If it is often cleaned with toothpaste, the gold jewelry will reduce the weight of the gold jewelry and cause unnecessary losses.
    2, ammonia water has a very good effect on the cleaning of the gold surface. The method of helping ammonia cleaning gold is also very simple. First take a bottle and add pure water in it, then drip a few drops of ammonia in it, and finally put the gold in gold. Jewelry, shake it for a few times, and remove the gold jewelry with a soft cloth. Use this method to clean the gold jewelry to make the gold brighter.
    3, first take 1000 ml of warm water, then add 200 ml of methamphetamine to make a water solution, then soak the gold jewelry into the water solution made for 10 minutes, and then use a soft brush to dip the hot water to gently wash the hot water and wash it gently with hot water. Finally, rinse it with water. It is best to dip the soapy water with a skim cotton ball and scrub without water alcohol, so that the gold jewelry cleaned will become extremely gorgeous.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear, good morning, I am glad to answer for you. Please wait patiently for a while and give you a reply immediately.nBlack with a gold neck chain is mainly related to improper wearing. After encountering mercury, the gold will have a chemical reaction, forming a yellow -and -white substance attached to the gold jewelry, and the gold jewelry is like fading. The color of gold cannot reach 100%, which contains more or less other metal elements. These metal elements may also have a chemical reaction with other materials, resulting in gold discoloration.nIn addition to the practitioners in the chemical industry, ordinary consumers may also be exposed to mercury -containing items, such as mercury -containing cosmetics. After the summer, high temperature weather leads to more sweats in the human body, and the position of the neck and wrist is more likely to sweat, which may cause golden discoloration. Consumers should avoid long -term contact with acidic, alkaline substances and sweat stains, and take the gold decoration as much as possible when taking a bath.nIn order to avoid such disputes, Jindian merchants should explain the correct use and preservation method of gold decoration to consumers. If the gold becomes dark or fade, consumers can find the brand after -sales department to clean and maintain. If you want to identify authenticity and or not, you need to find authoritative testing agencies. Real gold is not afraid of burning. Gold smoked black.nExtended information: Why is the neck with a golden necklace turning black may be caused by friction, and jewelry is caused by oxidation. The first reason is that jewelry is not pure gold and is gold -plated or other metal necklaces. After the precious metal is oxidized in the air, after rubbing with the skin, it will slowly stay on the skin. At this time, the skin and jewelry contact will appear black, or blue and black.nThe second reason should be cleaned. Pure gold jewelry will give us the illusion of "rust". The surface of the jewelry will have black or red spots. This is because jewelry is contaminated by external chemicals or dust, not the gold itself rust.nI hope my answer is helpful to you, and I wish you a happy life. If you are satisfied with the answer, please praise the lower left corner. Thank you. ❤️ ️ ️n5 morenBleak

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